An Onderon Tale

Session 3

Our desperados go searching for credits and an oil bath for IT-45. A sketchy black-market dealer and Imperial informant agrees to buy the loots, and also offers a job in second-hand weaponry. The group agrees. Mattias buys equipment for IT-45. The search for a bath continues. Sevila buys a bottle of wine.

One mechanic refuses to serve the droid. The second mechanic attempts to droid-nap IT-45 but is scared off. Sevila and IT-45 loot the shop and foolishly attract stormtroopers. Though excellent marksmen, their minds are weak and IT-45 confuses them enough to escape.

The group locates a cache of old Resistance weapons inside the city. They move in to clear it out, and set off a silent alarm. The building spontaneously combusts, but the group manages to carry out weapons and explosives. A speeder is "borrowed" to transport the materiel, despite Rook's desire for aerial showboating. Mattias salvages much of the loot.



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