An Onderon Tale

Session One

Garyth is down on his luck and wants his shit back. Intrepid heroes are sent to retake Garyth's safehouse, which is occupied by a gang. Group goes into town to find info on the gang. But soft! Surprise stormtroopers, and they're looking for Sevila! They attempt to arrest the chiss, with less than ideal results. Wauso gets a new gun.

Mattias knows who has info and how to bribe them. Fetchquest to give food to cantina owner of the Tiny Horse and get sent to information broker. Chiss flirts ineffectually. Armed with knowledge, the group leaves for the safehouse The ship is parked a ways away. Wauso scouts around the ship. Sevila and Mattias scout the safehouse. Rook and IT-45 are left on the ship, and have a heart-to-heart.



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