Ava Tafo


A middle aged Quarren, Ava Tafo has apparently lived an active life, judging by the fact that one of her face tentacles is missing. The scar is old enough that it likely happened early in her life, and she doesn’t much talk about it, leaving many to speculate. Her inky black eyes are unsettling to those unfamiliar with Quarren, as they do little to convey emotions as more mammalian eyes might. Ava tends to wear bulkier clothes, remarking that she’s not in show business when asked about it, though most of her patrons assume she’s also armed under all that.


Ava Tafo is the owner of the Tiny Horse Cantina. A lesser known hotspot among the underworld of Onderon. Ava arrived on Onderon seven years ago with a significant amount of money that most were wise enough to not question how she’d gotten her hands on it. Whatever her past may have been, Ava seemed content to open up her own shop to do business in and she made connections quickly enough that members of the Underground understood that they would be safe to conduct business there. As such the Tiny Horse has become an excellent location to gather intel, make contacts, and get contracts.

The Tiny Horse has a small staff, two Twi’lek servers named Drox and Yana. They clean up the tables and make certain the patrons don’t get too heated. A more recent addition is CU-B4, a protocol droid bought to serve as a translator and undergoes regular memory wipes. There is a small stage that is infrequently used, though Ava manages to drum up performers at least once a week to entertain guests.

The Cantina is in an out of the way spot in the seedier parts of Iziz, and with it’s low roof and numerous side rooms it was well designed to keep private talk private while maintaining decent sight lines on the entrance.

Ava Tafo

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