Saw Gerrera


Saw Gerrera has the look of a man who has been at war for too long. His face pocked and scarred. He generally walks with a limp, supported by his cybernetic right leg.


Saw Gerrera is a veteran of numerous galactic conflicts. His first taste with war was during the War for Onderon, where he led the rebels beside his sister who led them to victory and died as a hero of Onderon. Saw was broken by the loss of his sister, but was happy that the fighting was over on his home and reluctantly accepted his role as a hero to his people. When the Empire became a reality, Saw could see where things were heading and began to prepare for the worst. When the Empire came for Onderon, Saw took up arms once more, using his station as a hero to gather men to his cause against the Empire.

In recent years, much of his time has been spent assisting the Rebellion on other fronts, though as time goes on he grows more and more frustrated with the politics and lack of will displayed by some other Rebel factions and seems to be on the verge of cutting ties all together. He still makes occasional trips home, to keep the Empire from getting too comfortable, but those trips grow rarer with each passing year as he spends more and more of his time on Jedha.

Saw Gerrera

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