Valsil Dura


Valsil’s green skin does not shine with the luster that some of his race enjoys. He has evidently had a rather hard life from his pock-marked and rough looking face. Most of the time the Twi’lek wears fully engulfing clothing that is well made but plain, though he has been known to wear fancier clothing for important events.


A perhaps somewhat shady businessman on Onderon, Valsil Dura has been on planet for a little over a year. He runs a rather depot which sees goods ranging from droids, to medical supplies, to personal protection, and clothing. Though rumors swirl that the man has a backroom filled with less than legal supplies as well, there’s nothing solid enough for the authorities to move in on, or seemingly large enough to consider worth their time. Some say that Valsil has connections to a major crime organization, but there is little proof of this either. Either way, he has shown he is useful as both a merchant and as an Infochant.

Valsil’s Depot has few goods actually in storage, supplies come in on demand. While this does little good for someone that needs something right this minute, for those willing to pay for exactly what they want with a quick turn around, Valsil’s is the place to go. Another benefit of supplying on demand is that Valsil keeps his staff small, with only two humans, Nikoona and Wyla, filling out the rest of his staff requirements.

Valsil Dura

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