An Onderon Tale

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Session One

Garyth is down on his luck and wants his shit back. Intrepid heroes are sent to retake Garyth's safehouse, which is occupied by a gang. Group goes into town to find info on the gang. But soft! Surprise stormtroopers, and they're looking for Sevila! They attempt to arrest the chiss, with less than ideal results. Wauso gets a new gun.

Mattias knows who has info and how to bribe them. Fetchquest to give food to cantina owner of the Tiny Horse and get sent to information broker. Chiss flirts ineffectually. Armed with knowledge, the group leaves for the safehouse The ship is parked a ways away. Wauso scouts around the ship. Sevila and Mattias scout the safehouse. Rook and IT-45 are left on the ship, and have a heart-to-heart.

Session Two

The safehouse has lots of gangs, so the group discusses how to attack. Predictably, the best plan is "charge with some tactics and hope for the best." Sevila and IT-45 climb to the roof of the base, while Wauso, Mattias, and Rook move into position. Bloody battle ensues. Mattias and IT-45 go down. Wauso finds a spaceship and obliterates baddies.

One rodian is captured, bodies are piled in the garage for IT-45's pleasure. Wauso tries to clean the place up for Garyth's arrival. The safehouse is looted, and dibs are called on bedrooms.

Session 3

Our desperados go searching for credits and an oil bath for IT-45. A sketchy black-market dealer and Imperial informant agrees to buy the loots, and also offers a job in second-hand weaponry. The group agrees. Mattias buys equipment for IT-45. The search for a bath continues. Sevila buys a bottle of wine.

One mechanic refuses to serve the droid. The second mechanic attempts to droid-nap IT-45 but is scared off. Sevila and IT-45 loot the shop and foolishly attract stormtroopers. Though excellent marksmen, their minds are weak and IT-45 confuses them enough to escape.

The group locates a cache of old Resistance weapons inside the city. They move in to clear it out, and set off a silent alarm. The building spontaneously combusts, but the group manages to carry out weapons and explosives. A speeder is "borrowed" to transport the materiel, despite Rook's desire for aerial showboating. Mattias salvages much of the loot.

Before the Hiatus

The group is guarding Viktor and has just successfully made themselves a nuisance to the Shu'torans who pursue him. Several efforts (successful only by luck, not by planning) have thinned opponent numbers. Through twists in fate, the party has roped the Imperials into the drama, having just left Storm Troopers on the floor with hired mercenaries taking the blame. 

A meeting has been arranged with Viktor's enthusiastic encouragement. His own reinforcements, summoned on the sly, are due to arrive in short order, insurance for if (inevitably when) anything goes wrong 


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