Dart Gun

Dart Gun Stats


Ranged (Light),  Damage 1,  Crit: N/A,  Range: Medium,  Encumb: 3,  HP: 1,  Price: 600,  Rarity: 6,  Special (Limited Ammo 4, Pierce 2)



Ranged (Heavy),  Damage: 1,  Crit: N/A,  Range: Long,  Encumb: 5,  HP: 2,  Price: 1,000,  Rarity: 8,  Special (Limited Ammo 4, Pierce 3, Guided)

Dart Guns are loaded with a specific poison with each dart.  So long as the dart does 1 point of damage past whatever soak from armor the target has, the effect of the poison begins immediately.  If the dart does not do one damage past the armor soak of the target, the poison does not take effect.  The targets natural soak still comes into effect to mitigate other damage, but does not have an effect on the poison.

Dart Gun

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